Parasailing Boat Trailer

We also produce custom-made boat-trailers for our boats, that have CE-Certificate..

The trailers come with three axles. Most of the time, we recommend three-axles-trailers, as they guarantee a higher comfort of transportation. The trailers displayed below are for Z-Drive parasailing boats but we also produce special trailers for V-Drive parasailing boats or Jet Turbine parascending boats.

We have 2 winch systems – compact and power winch.

The difference with these systems is the size. The compact winch has a system cleverly designed to put the oil tank with the winch together to reduce the size

Trailer Gallery

Custom Made Parasail Boats

In today´s society, individualization and personalization have become more and more important. And this applies to the commercial watersport business, where clients have individual needs, are based in distinct destinations and have unique clientele of their own. For this reason, Alp decided years ago to build custom made parasailing-boats rather than mass-market standardized ones.

Each client can decide for his parasail winch boat what is important and necessary for him - depending on whether he wants to offer fun-trips with his parasailing boat, whether he needs a smaller parasailing craft or whether the speed matters. We offer everything you ask for.

On this page, you will find a brief overview and will get an idea of how you can configure your own parasailing boat.
Please contact us for further information: or complete our parasail boat configurator for your own winch boat-configuration and get an individual offer for your new parasail boat from us.